In every major news organization,
there is someone
whose job it is
to keep tabs on the President
at all times.

To know: now he is traveling,
now he is home.

Now he is at Camp David,
and now he is in Indiana.

Now the handshake line has ended,
and the donor breakfast begun.

The point,
of course,
is not to get beaten to the story
if the President is shot dead
or runs his bicycle into a tree
or just keels over into his oatmeal some fine Monday morning.

It must be a boring job
full of mundane detail:

Now the man is going through an airport,
now he is taking a swim.

But I wonder,
does the watcher ever grow to love his charge,
and to wish him safe passage
on his perilous four-year journey
across the snowy glass globe of the television screen?


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