Any serious listing of the state’s exports has got to include them.

Clint Barton comes from Waverly
Jack Monroe from Clutier
Barry Allen from Fallville.

Hell, Riverside has been advertising itself as the future birthplace
of James Tiberius Kirk
for two decades now.
(He’s due to arrive on March 22nd, 2228.)

And there’s a strong case to be made
that the Kents found their abandoned babe
washed up in his high-tech basket
among the corn of the Hawkeye state,
though it’s never really been established for sure.

Drive out there someday.
You will discover that your mind
cannot help but be drawn higher.
Every stalk points skyward
away from our concerns,
like the spire of a cathedral.
But the church’s spindlefinger
tocks only God, God, God.
The corn says, go farther.
Look up, look up, it says,
pointing a septillion fingers
toward the blue.
The moon’s half-shell’s a stepping stone.
Not so far away, and then–


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