I tell you, they aren’t half bad for watching.
The wife keeps a feeder out by the woodpile
and she just loves ’em.
Keeps a journal with the colors she sees
and the variations!
Man, I tell ya.

Saw one the other day had a ruff like a lizard,
and when it saw me it gave that warning call they do,
you know, to sound their territory,
and the ruff turned all green and blue around the edges.

Never seen that before.

And the raccoons won’t go near ’em,
which means my garbage can’s been left alone
first time in thirty years.

No, the little green guys ain’t half bad.
I’ll admit I was nervous, when they first showed.
Eatin’ ever thing they could catch
and nesting on those telephone poles, you know the way they do.

But now I’ve gotten used to ’em.
Hell, I’m even thinkin’ about puttin’ up a
nesting pole,
right by the garage
see if we can get a family there.

Be something to show the grandkids, anyway.

I tell you. We went to the moon,
thought we were hot shit.
We weren’t even space pigeons.


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